Transforming Your Trading Experience

At CvuForex, we understand the challenges of manual trading. That's why we offer a range of advanced automation tools to help you maximize your profits and minimize your risk.

With over 15 years of experience in forex trading and automation, you can trust our experts who know how to trade profitably and especially with the coders to provide you with the best products and advice for your trading journey.

Why automate your trading?

Many want to do make money by trading. They jump into forex and spend a lot of time to explore, to learn, to practice in demo, to trade in real account,... and most of the time they lost. Some times they win big and then lose it all after that a short while.

Trading is hard, maybe 90% are losers in this "game". It is hard not only because the market is moving sophisticatedly but also the psychology, the low capital constraint and the time availability they have.

That is when automation come to help, to improve your trading account performance, and especially it works for you, even while you are sleeping.

What Our Customers Say

I am very impressed with the customer service provided by cvuForex. They were very responsive and helpful throughout my trading journey.

cvuForex's automation tools have helped me save time and maximize my profits. Highly recommended!

Fast Delivery

When you buy an product, it is available for download within a few minutes in most of the cases.

Clear user manual

A product will always be ship with detailed user manual.